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Midea split mini chiller

Model label MGA-D_(S)N1

Capacity range from 10 to 16 kW

Air-cooled split mini chillers consist of two parts: main unit and water pump box. Copeland digital compressor, placed in the main unit, enables the regulation of capacity between 10 and 100 % of nominal effect. 

The refrigerant is R410A.

It is possible to upgrade the unit with an electric heater. The electric heater can becontrolled through the main unit and requires separate power supply (230V). El. heater will not be delivered with the unit.

Water pump box contains an expansion tank, heat exchanger, flow switch and circulation pump  (height max. 20m). Maximum distance between the main unit and water pump box is 1m, and maximum height difference is  5m.

Midea chillers
Midea chillers

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