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Midea chillers

One of the possible ways of air cooling is indirect cooling - with water chilled to a 7/12 °C temperature.
Every cooling appliance achieves a certain refrigerating effect, and freons  R407C or R410A are most often used as the operating substance.
In a cooling device water cools in a plate evaporator from 12 °C to 7 °C.
The device is placed outside the facility, and all attachments, parts of armature and pipes must be insulated.
Cool water is distributed through pumps into the facility that requires cooling. 
Midea has several different kinds of chillers in its manufactruing program: modular chillers, mini chillers with a built-in hidromodule, mini chillers with a separate hidromodule.

Midea modular chillers

Modular design, flexible combination of up to 16 units and very simple mounting are only some of the advantages of Midea modular chillers. 

8 models of various capacities: 25, 30, 35, 55, 60, 65, 130 and 185 kW which connect modularly to a total maximum power of 1040 kW.

Water chiller Midea performing as a heat elevator with a digital scroll compressor or scroll compressors (depending on the model) and an air-cooled condenser, zrakom hlađenim kondenzatorom, in package for outdoor mounting, with an electric board, microprocessor, fan spin number regulator an complete operating and safety automatics.  


Midea unitary mini chillers

Model label/identification: MGC-F__W/SN1
Capacity range: 5,3 kW - 25 kW
(Available models: 10 - 14 kW)
Midea mini chiller with a built-in hidromodule is an air-cooled chiller  operating as a heat elevator, with an ON/OFF scroll compressor. A circulation pump, expansion tank, differential flow sensor and a plate heat exchanger are located in the unit.


Midea split mini chillers

Model label: MGA-D_(S)N1
Capacity range:  10 - 16 kW
Air-cooled chillers operating as a heat elevator with a separate hidromodule consist of two parts: the basic unit and the hidromodule. Copeland digital scroll compressor.

Midea chillers

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