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Eurapo Fan Coils

Duct Fan Coils

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Duct fan coils EURAPO type EBH (130-440), for installation in lowered ceilings,  for two- and four-pipe systems. 
Convenient for cooling and heating larger areas due to their big dimensions.
EBH models have a high air flow (up to 4.000 m3/h) and an external static  pressure to 250 Pa.



Casette Fan Coils


Casette fan coils Eurapo, type UCS, for installation in lowered ceilings,  with a decorative panel with a 4-way exhaust,  for two- and four-pipe systems.
It appears in two modes: standard, dimensions 600×600mm, which is  adapted for montage in modular ceilings, and new UCS 900 HYDRONIC mode, dimensions  900×900mm for large spaces.


Floor Ceiling Fan Coils





Fan coils Eurapo type CV/AF i CH/AF, CONCEALED series for hidden installation, are designed for vertical and horizontal installation, on walls, floors or ceilings, for two- and four-pipe systems.  

They are suitable for heating and cooling and are the optimal solution for small spaces. They come in 10 sizes  and are equipped with an electric box,  razvodnim ormarićem i tavicom for condensate draining...

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Low body






Fan coils Eurapo, type SVR / CVR, LOW BODY series with air exhaust on the upper side and air intake on the front side are appropriate for wall, floor or hidden montage, for two- or four-pipe systems. The most important characteristic of these models are their compact dimensions which enable installation in the smallest of spaces (height 430mm with mask,  395mm without mask).

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Fan coils Eurapo, type PH/AF i PV/A, PRISMA series, for two- and four-pipe systems, for installation  on the floor or under the ceiling. There is a wide range of models appropriate for all sorts of spaces and purposes. Exceptions are PH and PH/AF models which only use for heating.

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Fan coils Eurapo, type SV/SH, SIGMA series, is characterised with a wide selection of models suitable for all kinds of spaces and purposes as well as for heating and cooling in two- and four-pipe systems...

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Fan coils Eurapo, type ES/EC, SPHERA series, is the latest line of  Eurapo fan coils designed to satisfy the market's growing requests for style and comfort. Thanks to their modern design, compact dimensions (depth 190 mm with a centrifugal fan coil) and innovative technical characteristics, Sphera models were accepted in the market very quickly...

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CSL - CSR is a group of the simplest Eurapo regulators without a room thermostat.  CSL40 and CSR40 have a timer with which  the working time of the fan coil is programmed...



CML - CMR are thermostats with which you can manually regulate temperature, fan speed, turning the appliance on or off, summer/winter,  valves...



CER - CEL are electronic regulators with a microprocessor. They have the following regulating possibilities:

  • selection of the fan's working mode (continuous, OFF, thermostatically controlled)
  • manual or automatic selection of fan speed (depending on the thermostat model)
  • managing the summer/winter switch...


Omnibus regulation is used for automatic control of all main functions of the fan coil independently or as a part of a centralised system connected through BUS. All data is stored on an electric card, and  any possible breakage is communicated via e-mail...




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