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Water Heater for Sanitary Hot Water MIDEA model MGH-F35W/SN2

Heating capacity: 35 kW
El. energy port:  9,0 kW
Power supply: 380V-3N-50Hz
Refrigerant: R407C
COP to 4,0
Hot water quantity: 1m3/h
Dimensions: 1290x750x1540 mm
Weight: 290 kg

The water heating system consists of a compressor, evaporator, thermoexpansion valve, filter, working matter reservoir, condenser and water tank.

The appliance is of low electric energy consumption, very economical, its work does not require transport  and storage of fuel, easy maintenance. 
It does not require a fuel tank which makes gas leakage, fires and explosions impossible.
It has several protections: high-pressure presostat, low-pressure presostat, compressor overload protection, start delay, protection from a too high water temperature, water level control.
It has an automatic defrost function in winter time.
Meant for external installation, does not occupy residential space.
Contains a compressor and plate evaporator made by world renown manufacturers.
The appliance is long-lasting.
It is protected from chemical erosion.
It works normally with outside temperatures from  -10 to +40°C.
Works all year long and is effective during any bad weather.


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