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Heat Pump Toshiba Estia


Air To Water Heat Pump  ESTIA

With the air-to-water heat pump, natural heat from the environment - air is used for heating, water heating, and refrigeration at home to be achieved at very reasonable costs. Solar radiation warms up the air, which is constantly regenerated. The heat pump takes this energy at a low temperature level and pumps it inside the pump to high temperature levels, so that it could be used for typical household needs.


Heat pump technology at the highest level has been supplied for years by the Japanese manufacturer Toshiba. Inverters, developed based on many years of research, are able to coordinate two modes of management, so that the double rotary piston compressor always operates in the optimal energy-saving mode. It produces exactly as much power as necessary. When operating under full load, Toshiba heat pumps achieve up to 4.66 coefficient of power (COP), and even more when operating under partial load!

Thanks to heat pumps great flexibility is achieved;combinations with existing heating systems (oil, gas, pellets, etc.) are possible, as well as cooling in the summer with the installation of so-called fan coils. This is possible because of heat exchangers, which take heat from the air and transport it via medium that circulates in the system (water and antifreeze) to the outdoor unit, where it is given to the outside air.  Preparation of hot water and accumulation are also maintained during the cooling regime.

Toshiba heat pumps guarantee ...

    * ecological technologies
    * large energy savings
    * high flexibility
    * comfortable heating and cooling regime
    * easy installation

The main advantages of ESTIA heat pump

TOSHIBA air-to-water heat pump – technology to the highest standard

With an investment of this magnitude it is not only about optimizing purchase costs -  ongoing overhead costs should be as low as possible as well. High flexibility in management options is an important selection criterion: only with their support is the system finally able to align with the desired needs.

TOSHIBA – number one in terms of energy efficiency

Extremely high coefficients of efficiency that Toshiba achieves with its outdoor units with inverter control ...

Technical details of ESTIA heat pump


Under particular conditions (temperature, humidity) condensing water might collect as frost on the heat exchanger and form to ice, which can influence the operation...

More in heating capacity

Decades of investments in developed technologies make the advantages of Toshiba air to water heat-pumps noticeable every day.

Twin rotary compressors feature control across a wide rotation band at high COP...

Areas of application of ESTIA heat pump


ESTIA system components

Toshiba heat pump air / water is designed as a split system, consisting of an outdoor unit (compressor unit) and a hydrobox inside. All consumers supplied through the system (e.g., hot water tank, radiators, underfloor heating, etc.) connect onto the hydrobox.

System components:

1. Outdoor unit – TOSHIBA Super Digital Inverter
2. Hydro-indoor unit
3. Hot water tank
4. Control


Heat pump - Toshiba ESTIA

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