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Midea MDV-D

MDV-D is a new generation of multi-modular systems for commercial and residential air conditioners that has adopted "digital scroll" technology. A digital scroll system is a multi system with a DIGITAL SCROLL Copeland compressor which is able to regulate  performance, simplify air-conditioning systems, save more energy and gurantee reliable  operation. It is possible to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit.

Maximum capacity which can be achieved with the modules in one system is  180 kW (64 HP), which is the largest capacity in the industry.

MDV digital scroll system is a system with direct expansion. In comparison with traditional central air-conditioning systems, it does not reqiure a complicated installation process and is also simpler to maintain.

Midea MDV-D systems are meant for the air-conditioning of large business and industrial buildings and spaces such as hospitals, hotels, business spaces, residential villas etc.

Advantages of this system:

  • Lower costs of installation and maintenance
  • The appliance recognizes operating irregularities by itself, so there is no need for a specially trained individual for system maintenance 
  • Smaller space required for installation
  • It doesn't cause any electromagnetic interference because the compression and idle time cycles are regulated electromechanically. It is therefore suitable for usage in the health care system, telecommunications, electric centres and all other areas where avoiding electromagnetic interference is important. 


Vanjske jedinice

There are two types of outdoor units: MDV Pro and MDV Plus. There are 5 basic models  of modular outdoor units 8, 10, 12, 14 i 16 HP  which can be combined to a maximum power of  64 HP (180 kW) - MDV-Pro. Units with smaller capacity are more suitable for smaller spaces:  10.0, 12.0 i 14.0 kW – MDV-Plus. The refrigerant in the appliances is  R410A.


Unutarnje jedinice

Midea MDV offers a variety of choice between indoor units, regarding models as well as power.  Indoor units fit all MDV system outdoor units universally.
There are 11 different types of indoor units in 11 different sizes, which enables a very wide usage in  various  types of facilities. 

Midea MDV
Midea MDV

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