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Toshiba VRF

Toshiba VRF systems are meant for the air conditioning of large business and industrial buildings and areas such as hospitals, hotels etc. Their high efficiency, easy handling and simple maintenance guarantee control and supervision at all times and make these systems the best solution for every business space.

The innovative technology in Toshiba systems enables proper load of the system which accomplishes set criteria with considerable savings. What also contributes to lowered energy and managing costs is the fact that the system is sized for maximum load, and operates with lowered capacity most of the time.

Maintenance costs are also minimal. There is no need for the usual maintenance procedure, besides the periodical cleaning of the indoor units filter.

One of Toshiba's main goals is the improvement of the quality of life in the enclosed spaces we  reside in, while respecting outside spaces at the same time.  Reduced noise level of the outdoor unit is a result of researches and testings of many years as well as the elimination of noise under critical conditions, e.g. when starting the system.

The usage of the refrigerant R-410A has numerous advantages: it does not damage the ozone layer, it  saves electrical energy, and enables greater height differences and longer pipelines.

Outdoor units – Toshiba VRF

There are 3 types of VRF system outdoor units: S-MMS, MiNi S-MMS and S-HRM.
MiNi S-MMS are the smallest units, meant for smaller business spaces, shops, restaurants, homes and any other area requiring compact and silent outdoor units.

S-MMS outdoor units are meant for larger business spaces since they are available in a much wider variety of capacities than Mini S-MMS.

S-HRM system or the so-called Super Heat Recovery Multi is a three-pipe system  and is installed into spaces where simultaneous heating and cooling is needed with the same system.

Indoor units – Toshiba VRF

Toshiba offers a wide variety of choice of different models and powers when selecting an indoor unit, which makes the new VRV system  ideal for every space, functionally as well as aesthetically.  These indoor units fit all  Toshiba VRF system outdoor units universally. 

There are 14 different types of indoor units in 13 sizes which add up to a total of 90 indoor unit models (82 with MiNi S-MMS) which increase the flexibility of usage even further.

The characteristics of all units are improved - even lower noise levels  with optimised air flow and compact design.
Toshiba offers not only comfort, but also an ideal choice for all applications.


Toshiba VRF
Toshiba VRF

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