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Fresco Tech - Filters in Air-conditioners

Fresco Tech brings you clean and refreshing air and fills your room with soothing scent of nature.

 Silver Ion Filter

The Silver ion can kill bacteria or prevent their activity at very low density by estroying their inner-configuration and absorbing their elements in cells. Meanwhile,the Nano Silver attached on the filter release the Silver ion constantly to eliminate bacteria effectively and continuously.

Active Carbon Filter

Active Carbon Electrostatic Fiber Filter is made of Active Carbon and Electrostatic Fiber Filter. Active Carbon Filter eliminates certain kinds of odors such as ammonia (NH3) and deactivates harmful chemical gas such as formaldehyde(HCHO). By forming positive positions on the filter surface, Electrostatic Fiber Filter traps small dust particles, smoke and pet fur to prevent.

Bio Filter

Bio Filter consists of a specialized biological enzyme and Eco filter. The Eco filter catches very small airborne dust particles and neurilities bacteria, fungi and microbes.
Biological enzyme eliminates bacteria by dissolving their cell wall thus eliminating the problem of re-pollution seen in traditional air conditioners.

 Plasma (Dust collector)

The Plasma Dust Collector can generate an ionization zone. The air is converted to plasma as it passes the high voltage ion generator. 95% of the dust, smoke, and pollen particles are attracted to the electrostatic filter.

 Vitamin C Filter

The Vitamin C filter fills the air with vitamin C, which softens the skin and reduces stress. The lifetime of the Vitamin C filter is approximately two years.


Anions can take care of your body:
Anions can stimulate the blood circulation system, improve lung function and effectively prevent respiratory passage illnesses (Such as asthma and pneumonia).

Anions Eliminate Dust and Smoke:
When air passes through the ionizer brush, Anions are automatically generated by
ionization (3400V high static field). The amount of anions can reach as high as 1,000,000/cm3. The anions deactivate the airborne chemical vapors and dust particles.


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