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Midea unitary mini chiller

Model label: MGC-F__W/SN1

Capacity range from 5,3 kW to 25 kW

(Available models from 10 to 14 kW)

Midea mini chiller with a built-in hidromodule is an air-cooled chiller as heat elevator with an ON/OFF scroll compressor. A circulation pump, expansion tank, differential flow sensor and a plate exchanger are placed in the unit. Installation is very simple. The refrigerant is R410a. Regulation is on the unit -  Eliwell regulation which displays the state of the unit, working mode and operational irregularities.

Capacity range is from 5,3 kW to 25 kW.

Other characteristics:

  • Auto restart function
  • ID 3 port – remote wire controller (option)
  • Fan revolution speed control  – gradual regulation, depending on outdoor temperature: from  50% to 99% of nominal fan speed
  • Small installation dimensions
  • Corrosion-resistant material


Working conditions:
Cooling: 10 ~ 43°C
Heating: -15 ~ 24°C

Midea chillers
Midea chillers

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