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Cassette fan coils

Cassette fan coils Eurapo, type UCS, for installation in lowered ceiling, with a decorative panel, four-way exhaust, for two- and four-pipe systems. 
They come in two modes: standard, 600×600mm dimensions, adapted for modular ceiling installation, and new UCS 900 HYDRONIC mode, 900×900mm dimensions for large spaces.

10 fan coil models can be used in two- and four-pipe cooling and heating systems . They also have the possibility of four-way air flow and  fresh air supply.

Each model has a heat exchanger made of copper pipes and aluminum slices, a 6-speed engine (3 standard ones, factory upgrade is possible for the others), a heat-resistant ABS plastic grid (standard color RAL9003-white, other colors on demand), air filter made of polypropylene net which is easy to take off and clean,  condensate drain pump (900 mm). The condensate drain pump has an alarm and is connected to a valve that closes in the case of pump malfunction.

Fresh air connections and connections for getting air into other rooms are standardly delivered.

A metal mask can be delivered on demand. It has its advantages regarding hygiene and esthetics in comparison with  a plastic mask.

Regulation can be managed by an infrared remote control upon request.

A special feature of the UCS model is the so-called "Coanda effect" which ensures an even and pleasant cooling/heating effect because its specially designed mask does not blow directly to the floor, but towards the ceiling, and the air then descends like rain through natural gravity.

UCS models have a EUROVENT certificate.

Capacity range:

              TWO-PIPE SYSTEM (UCS 221-232)
              cooling 2,52 - 10,78 kW (7/12°C) at max. speed
              heating 3,28 - 13,11 kW (50°C) at max. speed

              FOUR-PIPE SYSTEM (UCS 421-432)
              cooling 2,33 - 10,36 kW (7/12°C) at max. speed
              heating 2,63 - 8,86 kW (70/60°C) at max. speed


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