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System components

Toshiba heat pump air / water is designed as a split system, consisting of an outdoor unit (compressor unit) and a hydrobox inside. All consumers supplied through the system (e.g., hot water tank, radiators, underfloor heating, etc.) connect onto the hydrobox.


Outdoor unit – TOSHIBA Super Digital Inverter (1)

Toshiba has a long term experience of successes
in air to air heat pump production. The same
reliable and award winning technology is at the
core of the new air to water heat pumps. Above
all the advanced inverter technology and the DC
twin rotary compressor.
Estia heat pumps operate with the reliable and
safe R-410A refrigerant.


Hydro - indoor unit (2)

The high efficiency plate heat exchanger receives
the optimum quantity of refrigerant to produce
hot water at low or medium temperature
(20-55 °C), or cold water (10-20 °C). A back-up
heater (3, 6 or 9 kW options) further supports
the operation for extreme conditions. The hydro
unit integrates the advanced control of water
temperature to allow an optimized distribution to
emitters and to the domestic hot water tank.




Hot water tank (3)

The Estia tank is a compact stainless steel
insulated tank producing domestic hot water
for sanitary use. The performance of the overall
system is also maximized thanks to the integrated
coaxial heat exchanger which uses hot water
produced by the heat pump (whenever energy
efficient and possible). With the optimized
control logic, whenever additional hot water
                                          is needed, an internal electrical heater is
                                          activated. This solution reduces running cost
                                          and guarantees a constant level hot water
                                          Three storage capacities (150, 210 or 300 litres)
                                          meet any household requirements.




Controller with weekly timer (4)

It controls the distribution of hot water for up to
2 zones and to the domestic hot water tank.
The built in software logic collects the
signals from the sensors, regulates the water
temperature and optimizes the system’s energy
consumption. In addition the anti-bacteria
control routinely increases the temperature in the
domestic hot water tank.
The easy to use remote control is conveniently
attached to the hydronic unit. With its large and
detailed display it is possible to visualize and
set all the major operating parameters and also
program the weekly timer.


Heat pump - Toshiba ESTIA

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