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Main advantages

TOSHIBA heat pump air / water - technology to the highest standards

With an investment of this magnitude it is not only about optimizing purchase costs -  ongoing overhead costs should be as low as possible as well. High flexibility in management options is an important selection criterion: only with their support is the system finally able to align with the desired needs.

TOSHIBA - number one in terms of energy efficiency

Extremely high coefficients of efficiency that Toshiba achieves with its outdoor units with inverter control have been awarded several times and are considered the absolute number one in the world. Many components play an important role in this, such as DC twin rotary piston compressors, Hybrid Inverter control, optimal refrigerant R-410A, DC motor and more.

Temperature control for 2 zones, including the option of lowering the temperature at night

This device allows you to control two different temperature zones, such as radiators or fan coils (high temperature zone) and floor heating (low temperature zone). The starting temperature is regulated depending on outside temperature. Individual initial temperatures for both temperature zones are set on the Estia controller. The heating curve can be changed according to the needs of the building through the previous settings. Depending on the configuration, the radiator may be desired to decrease the temperature in the room during the night. In this sense, the Estia control allows precise adjustment of the temperature difference according to the daily starting temperature. (Programming the start/stop time and selection of zones where the temperature is decreased).

Cooling function

In the case of installing the so-called fan coils, cooling is also possible with the system.

Managing 2 heat pumps

Hydro indoor unit controls the main water pump and one additional pump at the most. (Additional pump for very long tubes or any other pump for another heating cycle).

Outdoor units silent as a whisper

Estia outdoor units operate extremely quietly, because of the standardly built-in double rotary piston compressors that operate very quietly. Two disks in the compressor chamber, which build on the compression of the refrigerant, move slowly and without vibration, so ensuring quiet operation as well as a long lifetime. Low noise is also the result of a DC fan motor, regulated with AC power, and the large wings of the fan. For an especially quiet operation (up to 7 dB (A) less) the function of reduction of noise at night can be activated, whose start and stop time is programmed with the Estia control. See table.


Heat pump - Toshiba ESTIA

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