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Indoor units Toshiba VRF

Toshiba offers a wide selection of indoor units, with respect to models as well as powers, which makes the new VRV system an ideal choice for any space, functionally and aesthetically. Indoor units fit all Toshiba VRF system outdoor units universally.

There are 14 different types of indoor units in 13 sizes that offer a total of 90 models of indoor units (82 with MiNi S-MMS), thus improving usage flexibility even further. 

Characteristics of all units have been improved – an even lower noise level with optimized air flow and a compact design.
Toshiba offers not only comfort but also an ideal choice for all purposes.

Compact 4-way cassette

Model label MMU-AP0__MH
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 to 5,6 kW / heating 2,5 to 6,3 kW
Small installation dimensions 575x270x575 mm (Euroraster).
Built-in condensate pump with 850 mm elevation.


Cassette with 4-way outwards airflow

Model label: MMU-AP0__H
Capacity range: cooling 2,8 to 16 kW / heating 3,2 to 18 kW
Ideal for installation in smaller commercial spaces with limited lowered ceiling area. 
Built-in condensate pump with 850 mm elevation.
Easy maintenance.


Cassette with 1-way outwards airflow

Model label: MMU-AP0__YH
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 to 7,1 kW / heating 2,5 to 8,0 kW
Slim line for smaller spaces.
Compact Hi-Tech design: dimensions 235x850x400 mm.
Built-in condensate pump with 350 mm elevation.


Cassette with 2-way outwards airflow

Model label:  MMU-AP0__WH
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 to 9,0 kW / heating 2,5 to 10,0 kW
Slim design, ceiling panel height 8 mm.
Low noise level: 30 dB(A) (for models up to 5,6 kW).
Built-in condensate pump with 510 mm elevation.
Possibility of fresh air supply. 


Duct unit for fresh air supply

Model label: MMD-AP0__HFE
Capacity range: cooling 14 to 28 kW / heating 8,9 to 17,4 kW
Enables fresh air supply and controls the temperature of the air being let into a room. 
Has preheating and precooling functions.
High static pressure up to 196 Pa.


Duct unit – standard

Model label:  MMD-AP0__BH
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 to 16,0 kW / heating 2,5 to 18,0 kW
 Simple ceiling installation. Ensures even temperature and cooled air distribution in all parts of a room.
Low noise level – from 26 dB(A).
Built-in condensate pump with 270 mm elevation.


Duct unit – slim

Model label:  MMD-AP0__SPH
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 to 5,6 kW / heating 2,5 to 6,3 kW
For installation in a ceiling or "false ceiling", saves energy, simple installation, premium characteristics, very quiet operation. Installation height 21 cm.
Built-in condensate pump up to 850 mm.


Duct high-pressure unit

Model label: MMD-AP0__H
Capacity range: cooling 5,6 do 28 kW / heating 6,3 to 31,5 kW
Air flow up to 2000m3/h. Static pressure on 3 levels 68.6, 137 and 196 Pa.


Ceiling unit

Model label:  MMC-AP0__H
Capacity range: cooling 4,5 do 14,0 kW / heating 5,0 to 16,0 kW
Very simple and quick ceiling assembly. Achieves set conditions very quickly. 
Large range of air-conditioned air ensures the air-coniditoning of all parts of a room.
Built-in condensate pump with up to 600 mm elevation.


Wall unit – compact

Model label: MMK-AP0__H
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 to 3,6 kW / heating 2,5 to 4,0 kW
For S-HRM and S-MMS systems. Low noise level, compact and modern design, easy maintenance.
Auto-swing function with 24-hour programming.


Wall unit

Model label: MMK-AP0__H
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 to 7,1 kW / heating 2,5 to 8,0 kW
Easy assembly, 3 connecting options.
Angle of rotation of power grid 70°, auto-swing function.


Floor unit – without mask

Model label:  MML-AP0__BH
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 do 7,1 kW / grijanje 2,5 do 8,0 kW
Appropriate for offices and commercial spaces. Placed  along a wall or can be hidden. Compact design, height 600 mm – ideal for floor installation.
Low noise level, only 32 dB(A).


Floor unit

Model label:  MML-AP0__H
Capacity range: cooling 2,2 do 7,1 kW / grijanje 2,5 do 8,0 kW
Appropriate for smaller modern spaces in a new or redecorated building. Compact, space-saving.
4 possibilities of pipeline connecting and condensate drain.


Floor standing tall unit

Model label:  MMF-AP0__H
Capacity range: cooling 4,5 to 16,0 kW / heating 5,0 to 18,0 kW
Appropriate for larger spaces that are not very tall or for smaller lower spaces such as attics or restaurants.
Massive air flow and great outwards airflow length which enables achieving set conditions even in very long and large spaces. Wide airflow angle - to 150°.

Toshiba VRF
Toshiba VRF

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